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Sofia M.
10/30/2012 09:43:45 am

Hi there! Your cake looks yummy. I am thinking of serving this for a sorority meeting which I am hosting so I'm doing a test run first. I just noticed in the egg mixture where you mentioned "add dry ingredients, water, diluted coffee, and oil..." Assuming "diluted coffee" is the coffee+1Tbsp water mixture, oil and water were not mentioned in your ingredients list. How much oil and water should be added? Thanks!

11/23/2012 10:19:13 am

were u able to make the cake? did u have a hard time making them?

Helen E.
11/23/2012 10:17:30 am

no need to precook the filling po?

Mariles M.
2/4/2013 08:36:58 am

here is something wrong with this recipe especially the frosting.

I suggest to use just 1tsp of vanilla, custard was a bit bitter and vanilla flavor was overpowering. Also, why suggest to put custard in the fridge for a few hours? It was stiff and unspreadable. I had to microwave for 2 mins (20 seconds each cycle)

Frosting: it was horrible consistenscy, had to add 3/4 cups icing sugar to make it workable.

Will not do this recipe again. I have baked hundreds of different cakes so i would say i am very experienced when it comes to baking.

2/4/2013 08:44:56 am


thank you for your very honest comment. i've been using this recipe for a long time now and i have like a hundred orders for this cake. even my co-workers love this, so i'm not really sure what happened when you followed the recipe. but thank you for taking time browisng my page.


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